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Remember that despite what you might’ve heard, sports betting is not an easy job. Winning sports bettors are research kings – especially those who scout betting lines like the ones listed at or more established sites like 5Dimes or Bovada. They pour over past stats, read everything about multiple upcoming games and research the best money lines. It’s a tough job but it’s also highly rewarding, especially when they read up on the right informational sites blogs – sorta like ours here at

The problem with sports betting is that you can’t just bet on the teams you know intimately. If you’re making 20 bets a week, that’s four games per day that you need to know inside-out. That’s 80 games a month that you need to have researched well enough to call with a winrate higher than 50%. If you bet on heart and feel alone your odds are no better than a roll of the dice at craps or even a game 3-Card Poker.

If you’re willing to put in the work to do proper research, you’ll find sports betting very rewarding. You’ll make a lot of money doing something most other people only dream about – almost like winning a huge jackpot at some some top online casino or something. And if you ever go pro, you’ll have the most beautiful thing of all: freedom.

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